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Pamela Stretton’s work explores a dynamic play between 2 elements, involving not only the visual binary of scale, but also the merging of digital photographic print mediums with handcrafted re-working. The visually appealing surface texture gives dimension to a work that is layered with meaning, as well as creative method. The result is a print with a difference.

Her subject matter originated as a self-study focussing on feminine beauty ideals inspired by a past battle with anorexia. Earlier works bring to light elements of scale, scrutiny, conformity and control. Her work has evolved gently in a few directions exploring amongst other things notions of consumerism, women’s roles in society, narsicism and plays on social media. From soft feminine nudes, simple clean objects to larger-than-life portraits, Her imagery is quiet and contemplative yet bold and powerful at the same time.

Stretton currently lives and works in CapeTown. She is represented by galleries and art consultancies in America, the UK and Europe, and her work appears in corporate and private collections worldwide.

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